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Sewer Clogs

Are your drains running slow, or even completely clogged, call us first! We’ll get you clear.

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What we specialize in:

Sewer Repairs
When your drains aren’t working properly, Dreamodel Plumbing can help you clear the drains and inspect the drain with state of the art drain camera technology for a piece of mind you wont get with other plumbing companies in Phoenix, AZ. If we find a problem, we will immediately show you the screen as we pass the camera through. When you have a critical drain problem such as roots, penetrations, and even collapses, we can help by discussing the options and giving you a fair treatment as though you are family! Call us today if your drains are acting up!

Water Leak Detection & Repair
Have you found a leak in your home, or you suspect that there is a leak and you need a professional plumber to diagnose and repair it, there is no time to act. With Dreamodel Plumbing’s state of the art leak detection equipment, we can quickly find your leak and discuss options to help ease your burden, and prevent future water damage in your home. Most plumbing companies in Phoenix, Arizona rely on 3rd party leak detection companies to show up and locate leaks. Water line leaks and water leak detection is our specialty, and you can be sure that we will have your leak fixed quickly.